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Fall has arrived-this means cooking and baking and nesting oh my
by whipitgirl666 (whipitgirl666)
at September 20th, 2010 (02:54 pm)

I'm going to try to find time to do this again now that I have a bit more free time and not working 12-14 hours/day. This past Thursday, it was chilly enough in Seattle along with a glorious rain. Time for the first hearty fall stew. I went to Top Banana (a local seasonal farmers market front in Ballard area, Seattle) and got ALL LOCAL produce for this-making it a touch more special for me.

2-3lb nice marbled beef roast-cut into bite size pieces
1 pkg baby carrots
2 pieces celery stocks (break up tops & use to season as well)
2 garlic cloves-quartered
1 whole Vidalia onion- cut into chunks (can use red or white-this is a bit sweeter though)
2lbs baby or fingerling potatoes (I used a baby reds, purple & butter fingerlings combo)leave whole.
2 cups of fresh cut green beans-cut in half or bite size
1 cup frozen or fresh cut off the cob corn
1 cup of frozen or fresh green or petite peas
2 cups of cut chunked apple (local tart works best & adds a bit of sweetness)
1lb or 1 pkg of crimini or white mushrooms (remove stems and slice tops in half or quarters depending on size)
4 tbsp of Beyond Bouillon (c)(it has no nitrates or msg-most boullion does-read your labels)
8 cups water
2 16oz bottles of beer (i prefer a nice mid range wheat beer for this but you can use whatever you'd like, but the darker the beer, the more flavor it's going to lend. Guinness is perfect for this stew as well. I used New Belgium Trippel for this round)

Coarse salt
Ground pepper or peppercorns
1tsp Paprika
2 tsp Sweet basil
1 tbsp parsley flakes
1 tbsp Sage
1 tsp mustard seed
1 tsp Dried dill and/or fennel
4 bay leaves
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp celery seed or salt

1.)You can cut your roast up the night before and marinate in beer/seasonings or you can go from scratch. Cut the roast into bite size pieces. Prepare a bowl that has flour & seasonings (salt/pepper/garlic/thyme-use your own discretion) and mix. Coat all of your pieces of meat with flour/seasoning mixture and put into a large frying pan with about a 1/2 inch of olive oil in bottom heated.
2.) While the meat is beginning to par cook-get out your stew pot and fill with water, I generally add my seasonings now and the boullion. Bring to boil and begin adding the meat as it's finishing up.
3.) You can begin adding your potatoes, carrots, celery & garlic. Let them cook for about 20 minutes. I leave my baby taters whole and little bite size lumps of love. Finish chopping your other veggies during that time.
4.) Add your corn, peas, mushrooms, apple and beans-NOW-add your beer as well, remember to pour it in slowly. These veggies generally cook fairly fast-I let slowly simmer/par boil for another 10-20 minutes. This is kind of dependent upon whether you like your veggies mushy or with some 'give' left. The longer you cook things, the more they break down..

5.) Serve with warm crusty rolls or bread--A whole grain or even Asiago Cheese is awesome with this!

TIPS:::Remember to Taste Test as you go because every palate is different. I prefer lower salt but you can use however much is good for you. Have Fun. Experiment and Happy Fall Cooking!!!